This broad programme encompasses training in a wide range of practical skills related to stage management, stagecraft, technical theatre, event production and event management. It provides opportunities for you to gain practical experience in a variety of production roles within a working environment that reflects as closely as possible that of the professional theatre and its related industries. The priority is to ensure that you are well equipped to be able to respond to the ever-changing needs of a diverse industry.

The first year introduces you to the basic principles of stage management and production organisation through a series of practical classes focussing on the role and duties of the ASM and DSM. You will learn to create call sheets and rehearsal reports and take part in a prop-sourcing project. In the second year, the Stage Management module focusses on financial planning and production scheduling, and you take part in a planning project for a small international theatre tour.

Technical Skills modules introduce the work of the theatre technician and you will learn to rig and operate a wide range of theatre lighting, sound, video and power distribution equipment. You will also develop an understanding of the principles and processes of sound design and lighting design for theatre.

Stagecraft modules provide instruction in safe and effective practices for working in the theatre environment, the operation of flying systems and the use of stage weapons and pyrotechnics.